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BingPop.com was created by Joshua B.

Joshua B

BingPop is pop culture. It’s Binghamton News, nightlife, and art. It’s Endwell, Endicott, and Johnson City. What’s going on downtown after 5 and where’s the hot new restaurant to grab lunch. It’s a catalogue of the quirkiest stuff in Broome County and instant updates from a ton of reliable (and occasionally not so reliable) sources.

Where’s that neat little brunch place in Whitney Point and what’s the newest chain to open its doors on the Vestal Parkway. We’ll talk about the staples: Boca Joe’s, Number 5, and the Cyber Café West. What’s must-see at the Art Mission Theater and who’s showing at the Brunelli Gallery. And the latest show to be announced at the Broome County Arena.

But you’ll also know what’s up and coming before it’s come up. Mostly, it’s all about the Southern Tier. With a nice bit of trash about Paris Hilton and Brad Pitt folded in for flavor. And although it’s true: we do [heart] Binghamton. It doesn’t mean we always gotta be nice...

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